Spoiled Children of Divorce

How Will This Help Me Raise My Kids?
November 22, 2007, 7:55 pm
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“How will this help me raise my kids?”

This is the question that Divorced Parents use when they hear anyone talking about growing up in a divorced family.  They want everyone know that they can’t handle the guilt of raising kids in a less than perfect environment. Everyone must take care of the Parents’ feelings. The Parents need the help. The kids need to remain silent, repress all feelings in order for the Parent to do his “job.”

My question is: “Why the eff didn’t you ask that question when you had the kids?”

My advice is: Shut Up Parents! Let the kids talk. Encourage it. Otherwise nobody’s going to know what’s going on and how to help them. If you thought you could run another human being through this kind of life style you should have taken up tennis or ping pong or some other sport where a ball bounces back and forth between players really really fast. You need to shut up and listen. It’s nice that you want to be happy and improve your life.  But, if you married an unloving person in the first place you will probably marry an unloving person in the second place. There is a chance that you are just a miserable person or an unrealistic person. That’s ok, we’re all humans. We forgive you. Just let the kids exist too.

Families are secret things. Nobody plays along with that game more than the kids. The whole point for a kid is to fit in and look normal to the outside world. In order to do this, the kid will probably remain silent. Fear does that. Terror works.

I’m not even against Divorce. People make mistakes. Problem is people need to fix their “mistakes” rather than sweep them under the rug like a couple of little rats.

I just can’t believe the Parent’s attitudes, that’s all.

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