Spoiled Children of Divorce

Self Defense
November 25, 2007, 9:27 pm
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I recommend learning some form of Self Defense for kids who grow up in any family where there is abuse.  You will observe people who don’t understand how to fight and there’s a good chance you will follow in their footsteps as either Abuser or Victim.  In Divorce families there’s also a lot Betrayal, Infidelity, Sabotage, Deceit and a lot of early exposure to very negative relationship styles as your parents barter and finagle for themselves through the court systems. So it’s good to just discipline yourself in how to handle your body and how to think about an opponent.  Most martial arts teach “Self Defense” not “Bullying” or “Attacking” for no reason other than that you’re pissed off about your life.

You want to force yourself to do things which are empowering.  If you are weak in one area, try to strengthen it.  Kids from Divorced families often don’t have solid support structures.  Your Parents probably love you as much as anything but if you have a problem and they aren’t around due to work or dating or just being burned out you must learn to teach yourself.

Dance is also a great release because it encourages Gracefulness and how to harmonize with others in a happy, expressive way.  But you also must be careful.  I became anorexic a few months after my father left.  This coincided with beginning to take Modern Dance classes at school and those leotards combined with bad body image and family stress really led down a bad path.

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