Spoiled Children of Divorce

Inspirational Success Story – Gerald Ford

With the Holidays ramping up we’re feeling a little attacked already by all the embalmed Santas swinging Bells in our faces as we pay for our tranquilizers at the pharmacy check-out lines.  Because of the negativity of this situation I have decided to add Inspirational Success Stories of Children of Divorce for Good Cheer.  According to the Psychologists, about 75 percent of all Children of Divorce are completely fine suffering no fall out from having grown up in their Bipolar families.  It’s important to give these people credit.

I am going to begin listing Astonishingly Great Children of Divorce who have grown up and performed admirably in spite of the fact that they are spoiled because they received two presents at the Holidays and yanked their parents’ chains in all kinds of ways that only manipulative, guilt freaking children will do.

First on the list is President Gerald Ford.  Now that he’s passed people are remembering what a nice guy he was.  However, nobody really appreciated him all that much while he was President; his short tenure was spent cleaning up after his predecessor who he pardoned against the wishes of many.  But, Hey, Dude grew up in a Divorced Family and was in the habit of forgiving people.  Pardon Nixon?  Sure buddy, no problem. It’s all good. No worries.

Gerald Ford’s Mother split from his Father when Gerald was 16 days old because Dad chased her down while yielding a large Butcher Knife.  Ford’s Mother remarried and Ford was adopted by his Step-Father.  He wasn’t told about his Biological Father until he was 17.  This was a pretty common way to handle matters back in those days.  When he was 17, Ford’s real Father approached him at his little waitering job and gave him the lowdown about his past.  According to the Wiki article they stayed in touch but Ford always considered his Step-Father to be his real Father. Those Butcher Knife stories are generally pretty alienating.

Thanks Ger!  You’re a true inspiration and may you rest easy up there on whatever cloud they’ve got you floating around on!

I guess I’ll add a link for “Good Step-Parents” and “Evil Step-Parents” down below just to keep track of these guys.

The link to the Wikipedia biography on Gerald Ford is here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_Ford

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