Spoiled Children of Divorce

Success Story – Governor Christine Gregoire
December 3, 2007, 11:41 pm
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When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast and New Orleans I was on a long two day drive up the West Coast to Washington. Once I got parked in a motel in Seattle, I turned on the TV and couldn’t believe my eyes. People standing on roof tops for days, bodies floating in the flood waters, violence breaking out, people being herded into buses. Nobody was doing anything to help. Within a few days Washington’s Governor came on the TV telling everyone that she had arranged to bring some of the Katrina Victims to Washington and was asking for volunteer housing situations. By the time I checked out of the motel, Katrina people were already checked in. While the rest of the World watched in freaked out stupor at what these people were going through, this woman had stepped in and had actually helped. This Governor, Christine Gregoire, said she had to get it done before she left for a meeting with China. She was so impressive. I thought for sure she would run for President. Well, I guess she’s not on the ballot but she sure ought to be.

Governor Gregoire grew up in a single family household. Her mother left her father shortly after she was born due to his abusive behavior. One of Gregoire’s major issues is fighting child abuse. She’s overcome a lot of trauma on her own.  In addition to whatever childhood problems she may or may not have had due to her upbringing, she has survived the death of an infant daughter and is a Cancer Survivor.  Yet she still manages to improve the lives of those around her.

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