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Foster Children
December 7, 2007, 8:30 am
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Perhaps this doesn’t belong in the Spoiled Children of Divorce blog because nobody’s going to accuse a Foster Child of having been spoiled. I just listened to the audiobook version of A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown and I’m blown away. Actually I sort of figured the story was doctored, another invented memoir, until the end of the audiobook which includes an interview with Cupcake.  She does sound believable.  Cupcake’s parents never married and the man she thought was her father was actually just her mother’s lover. So, in essence, she never officially went through her parent’s divorce but she did feel loved and cared for and normal. Her situation as an African American is just going to be different from my situation as a White Chick, I suppose. At any rate, her Mother died suddenly when “Cup” was 11, a really shocking description of how she was alone when she found her mother. This is when she found out that her Father wasn’t really her Father. Her biological Father showed up and thought that he could get insurance money if he took Cupcake and her Brother. When he found out that he couldn’t get any money he dropped them off in Foster Care where they were severely abused. Cupcake was raped and almost immediately began to spiral out of control with drugs. She hooked, joined a gang, was constantly running away and developed a really bad drug and alcohol problem. However she was apparently very loveable and, once she got into the office world, found bosses who would tolerate her problems. Eventually she ended up working as a legal secretary, sobered up at age 25 or 26 and then went back to school to become a lawyer. This was a 10 to 15 year long process. The whole story is pretty unbelievable but very inspiring and the audiobook is one of the best I’ve ever listened to. I listen to these things while driving and if gas weren’t so expensive I probably would have driven straight across the country trying to finish it.

While on the subject, I’ll mention a couple of other audiobooks about Foster Kids that I’ve listened to.  I dated a guy who spent 7 years in Foster care so this interests me.

The First is A Boy Named It by Dave Peltzer. This is another really great audiobook. Dave talks about his Mother who was really pretty evil.  He describes that incidents that led up to being removed from the home and then adjusting to different Foster homes and trying to make peace with the Monster who was his Mother. He’s gone on to win awards for speaking out on behalf of Foster kids and is a very inspiring person.

Another audiobook is Leaving Home by Art Buchwald the writer/humorist who recently passed away. This is a memoir of his life where he talks about his Mother’s mental illness and his Father’s inability to take care of him and the subsequent “lives” he moved around in. He suffered severe depression later in life which caused him to look back on the causes.

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