Spoiled Children of Divorce

Divorce as CO2
December 8, 2007, 11:47 pm
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This week’s weirdness is a study that’s been published about how Divorce is bad for the environment because divorce creates twice as many households.  It wastes energy for people to live by themselves with all those extra bedrooms sitting empty except for visitation.  That’s the most convoluted & illogical argument for saving the environment I’ve ever heard.  As far as an argument for staying married, all I can say is it makes sense that no one mentions the health of the kids.

Someone gets paid to come up with these ideas.  Somebody’s got to pay big bucks for whatever somebody’s smoking…

There’s all kinds of ways that one can look at fixing this problem if you’re worried about too many households using up energy.  Most drastic cure would be to ask people to commit suicide.  That’s efficient.

I once went to a lecture on Global Warming given by a guy who said that if he had to choose which country to save in order to help the environment, the United States or Africa, he would choose Africa because ten people there can live off the amount of energy that one American hogs up.

The most decent, humane choice, IMO, would be to have a President who will lead in these affairs and enforce decrease usage.  Unfortunately every second that the U.S. keeps President in office is costing the entire World huge amounts of loss.  It’s not just the Environment, Asshole, it’s the Future. Forget about the kids, just forget about them… they’re just kids, they can get over it…who?

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