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be of love (a little)
December 28, 2007, 5:13 am
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be of love (a little)

more careful than of anything.

— ee cummings

Astrologically speaking we’re in the middle of a very stressful transit right now. Mars, the planet of aggression, is undergoing a very long transit in Cancer (one of the waters signs, ruling feelings and family matters). And Mars is heavily afflicted opposite Pluto, the Sun (ego) and Jupiter (opinions). This could influence families to act out like crazy and say all kinds of dumb things (Jupiter rules opinions and is in the sign of Capricorn which rules Authoritarian behavior).

Mars-Pluto oppositions are extremely tense aspects as Pluto is considered a “higher octave” of Mars. It will react with aggression but in sabotaging, sneaky ways. Oppositions rule relationships. There is a contest of wills here.

This opposition is building all week and won’t be exact until January 2 so is coinciding with the Holiday Stress and Strain perfectly. Be careful driving, be careful with each other. If you use this energy immaturely you can be very destructive. If you use it wisely you can bring about great change as Mars rules Action and Pluto rules Change.

Gandhi had Mars opposite Pluto in his chart which includes a difficult aspect to his Moon (emotions) so you can see how a brilliant person can use reap benefits from these normally difficult aspects.

And e.e.cummings had Mars in Aries conjunct the Moon which is a similar very volatile emotional aspect. He was maybe using his poetry to talk himself down when he wrote the words quoted above.

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