Spoiled Children of Divorce

Post Holidays Stats
January 2, 2008, 5:04 pm
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I have to admit I’m spending probably as much time checking the Stats on this blog as I am writing on it. They’ve never been high but there are definitely spikes on the Holidays. Mostly it’s Step-Mothers asking about their mostly spoiled StepChildren. Step-Mothers really like to barrel into their stepdaughters. You’ve got the girl v. girl thing going on. Nobody’s meaner to young girls than the women who raise them. The Snow White and Cinderella stories are probably the most honest portrayals of growing up with a stepmother that you can possibly find. And, actually, I can include the wicked stepsister who ganged up on me with the wicked stepmother. They were very close because of all the trauma they had been through and in order to avoid blaming each other they blamed me for everything. And, as I’ve said before, my Stepsister had started out as my best friend so she had all kinds of intimate ammo (i.e. information) to use against me. My brother simply had to attend the meals, not speak, and then leave. I was constantly on a psychic battleground of paranoia trying to figure out what would be used against me. My stepsister wanted everything I had. After I became anorexic she even became anorexic. So, women. Women are not my favorite topic in the world. When women say that the world would be at peace if women were in command I just laugh…

and laugh…

and laugh…

Anyhoo, my Stats have plummeted as of today. That’s good because my writing really sucks, especially when I’m seriously trying to explain something.

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