Spoiled Children of Divorce

10 Year Custody Battle on Dateline NBC
January 6, 2008, 11:43 pm
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Last night Dateline NBC aired a really crazy story about a Child Custody case that has lasted for 10 years.  The daughter accused the Father of having molested her and the Mother has been smuggling her underground ever since.  All 3 of them seem really whacked out.  The Daughter doesn’t look people in the eye because she says that she has Asperger’s Syndrome but in all of her childhood photos she’s looking straight into the camera, no problem.

The Father has been awarded custody of the daughter because the Mother is thought to have mental problems.  They say they can’t come out of hiding because the Mother will have to go to jail.  There was discussion about “Parental Alienation Syndrome.” This is where one parent alienates the child from the other parent. This behavior flies around in Divorced families out of control like the bird flu from Hell. Mind you, everyone’s intelligent and everyone knows it’s a Bozo NoNo to work one person against the other but I doubt the behavior will ever stop. Both parents do it and then when the kids do it they are considered “manipulative.” And then you add the stepparents, ohmigod.  This went on really badly in my family. My Mother was doing this before my Father left but after the Divorce anything I did with my Father made me a “Traitor”. “Traiter” and “Betrayer” are major parental terms of endearment during Divorce.

What was chilling about the Dateline show was that  the Mother seems to be doing this but in the interviews she sees herself as loving and rational. I remember my Mother putting on that face. I remember my Stepmother putting on that face. I remember my Father putting on that face.  Everyone’s a martyr.  The Daughter in the show looks like she’s never going to calm down.  (Well, her Father announced on Air that the psychotherapist had told him that she figured that his daughter would stab him in the back with a knife if given a chance.  That’s a wonderful thing to be accused of.  Another example of crappy psychotherapists saying the most obnoxious thing possible.)  The daughter has been diagnosed with Asperger’s but I tend to just think that it’s some kind of bizarre behavior that comes from living in such an intense situation. Well, and then there really could have been the sexual abuse thing.  On the other hand, kids now have to turn to whatever keyword will work into the heads of the adult figure and society can only compute “Sexual Abuse” at this point.  They went around and around with the legalise and the psychobabble and the truth is the situation is just really fucked up.

Here’s another link to a writer discussing this “Syndrome.” http://www.parental-alienation-awareness.com/mediacoverage.asp.

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i am a black unemployed mom fighting to keep custoday of my son to his white father.

He has money for a lawyer.. help

Comment by Jacqueline Zeune

Hi Jacqueline,

You need to find legal aid. There are community organizations that help with this. Also try checking out books by a Publisher called Nolo Press. They have a website and very likely have a book that offers help with Custody Disputes. The Courts understand how important a Mother’s presence is in a child’s life. You’re going through a difficult time, just be easy on yourself, keep your dignity, try to find a way to compromise, and don’t rip the kid in half. And Good Luck.

Comment by toothless

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