Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Children of Divorce – Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal
January 7, 2008, 8:55 pm
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So, I checked the Forbes List of World’s Richest People to see if many Children of Divorce make it into the Top 100. Got as far as #23 down the list and have to take a break. It looks like we’re not excelling in this regard. There’s only one person on the list who will openly admit that he’s from Divorce. A couple of others are pretty cagey about not talking about family background.  Sometimes that an indicator but who knows?  The people who suffered the loss of a parent through death openly talk about how difficult their childhoods were and usually say that the event is a motivating force.  But you know the drill when it comes to divorce: Silencio.

There does seem to be a key factor in gaining huge quantities of wealth. Start your first business before you turn 14 and don’t ever plan to sleep more than 2 hours a night.

The one Child of Divorce who has made it into the upper echelons of the Super Rich is Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia. I think this year he’s ranked at #13. Bin Talal made his money through construction and investments and although he was born into great wealth it looks like he made his money almost on his own.  He was the Chairman of his own company at Age 14 and a Billionaire at Age 31. As an American I assume that all Saudi’s are filthy rich but I guess many of them were taken advantage of back in the 70s and 80s and the funds got misdirected so there aren’t really many who have made their money through their own talents.  This guy has.  He’s called the Arabian Warren Buffet.
Bin Talal’s parents (hope I’ve cut off his last name at the correct spot) separated in 1960 when he was either 2 or 4 (Internet has two different birth years for him). He lived with his Mother for about 9 years and then I don’t know what happened. His Father was exiled shortly after the separation and the story gets sketchy after that. He went to College in Northern California. He’s been married twice and I believe has two children.

So, parents. Start your kids in business early. Money is a great compensation for lack of love and if you want them to support you when you’re old and decrepit remember that they will have two separate households to take care of.  And I’m not even being sarcastic when I say that.

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