Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Children of Divorce – Alison Dubois
January 9, 2008, 6:09 am
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Alison Dubois is the lady behind the TV series The Medium. She has extraordinary psychic talents in which she is able to connect dead people with their loved ones. She also has a very kind heart and her books are very inspirational to read.

I went to a whole bunch of psychics/healers the years after my parents died and one did give a really incredible reading so I never doubt that there’s something to this.  But it gets complicated if you were on difficult terms with your parents when they died.  If you know they’re still hanging around and they didn’t much like you while they were alive and they were blaming, faultless people with enormous egos, life gets kind of tricky when things don’t go well.  I mean, after Divorce, you already know how vengeful and manipulative they are.  One of the psychics once told me that my parents had reconciled.  But she wasn’t really psychic because she couldn’t read the sarcastic comments that were going through my head after she said that.  Yeah right, just rub your fucking heels together 3 times lady and we’ll all be back in Kansas.

I can deal with the fact that in the front of my head I have enormous guilt for not taking full care of my Mother when she got sick. Sometimes I sabotage myself because of this. (When Divorced parents die, if they don’t have a spouse, it’s up to the kids to do everything. For some reason people don’t know that. And I felt that I had already pulled my Mother through as many Death Attempts as I could handle.).

That’s what’s in the front of my head.  In the back of my head I’ve always got a small paranoia that my Mother is sabotaging my life from the grave. I mean, if she’s dead and really floating around the way the psychics say she is, I know that she’s mostly partying in bars with strange guys glad to be free of Herpes and AIDS, but at odd moments I know she has to take a break and attack me.  That’s just her personality. I mean, I can’t even pee in private sometimes.

How did I get on to this?  Oh. Talking about Ghosts.

Alison’s parents divorced when she was very young, her mother remarried and then she went through a second divorce at Age 12. Alison describes how upsetting this was for her at the time in books she has written about her life. She turned to alcohol and partying in high school.  That’s actually pretty healthy.  Anything that gets a kid out of the Divorce house is healthy. She’s married and has 3 children.  At least on TV she has three children.  How nice would it be to have Patricia Arquette representing you on TV?  Oh well, 2 sets of parents, 3 sets, maybe 4.  It’s not a big deal to see your doppelganger on TV.  Monday Nights at 10:00.  NBC.  I saw the show last night. Awesome.

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I looked up some of it. Hahaha! Her books are all about Love.

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