Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Children – Denise Denton

Denise Denton is the reason that I started looking into Children of Divorce. The events of her life can be read through astrological cycles very clearly.

Denton was an Engineer and Educator.  She was the first Woman in the U.S. to be appointed as Dean to an Engineering College at a major university. Not only was she brilliant out of her mind (Phd from MIT) she had guts. She faced off with the President of Harvard who claimed that women would never make it in the Sciences and Maths. Yes, this happened in Jan., 2005 (not in 1955) and that was the President of Harvard (not of some Oklahoma Community College.)

Denton was appointed as Chancellor (Head Hauncho) at University of Santa Cruz in California and unfortunately the extremist behavior at that school sent her into a tailspin depression. The student activists harassed her relentlessly. Although self-described Liberals, they were even making fun of her for being Gay (UCSC considers itself to be the most liberal school on earth, lol). She was questioned for spending too much money on fixing up her house on campus among other problems. On June 24, 2006, Denton committed Suicide by jumping out her girlfriend’s 42-story building.

Because I’ve lived in Santa Cruz and know the level of hypocrisy and violence that exists in that town I can sympathize with Denton’s struggles there. Also, as I said, there’s the Astrological connection. Although it looks like she tanked because she was failing for the first time in her life, I believe that someone could have warned her that she was due to relive some deeply impacted trauma from the past, especially from the time of her parent’s divorce, if events provoked it.  Although I’m struggling to find data, the suicides that I’ve been looking at so far have followed pretty predictable patterns.

RIP, Denise Denton.  Young girls with Math Skills will be able to add up something in their lives beyond their checkbooks because of you.

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