Spoiled Children of Divorce

Tigers, Stepfathers and Wild Animal Farms

The San Francisco Bay Guardian is running a story this week about the tiger who was killed on Christmas Day at the San Francisco Zoo. The Tiger, named Tatiana, somehow got out of her enclosure in order to attack some boys who by most accounts were taunting her. The newspaper story is called “Tiger Tales” and is written by Craig McLaughlin. The reason why I’m including the link here:


is because the writer spent the latter half of his upbringing on his Stepfather’s wild animal farm and slept 100 feet away from a Siberian Tiger like Tatiana. He knows the Tigers. He shares his knowledge of tiger behaviors and the story is just really interesting.  It’s nice to include a positive Stepfather story.

Here’s a bit:

“People have often asked me over the years why my stepfather had all of his animals. I like to tell them it was because he thought he was Tarzan. It’s not the absolute truth, but it is as valid as any other answer.”

Dhat’s soooo cuoooote. If your stepfather can love a big scary animal I guess he will be able to love you too. If you don’t behave, well, then, it’s to “Tiger Island” you go. (some of those scary beatches on the stepparents’ forums will be getting all kinds of ideas.)

McLaughlin gives all kinds of opinions that I don’t agree with. He says that the two brothers who taunted Tatiana are not to blame for their actions and meanwhile the news has been full of stories about what assholes they are. There’s no way in Hell they are not responsible for this tragedy. Probably spoiled brats from a normal family who have just never had to think about anyone else in their lives. 23 years old and still living at home. You don’t find that in Divorce. Christmas Day, Crap. Who has time for the Zoo? First you wake up at your Mother’s, open presents, wait for phone call, leave Mother sobbing by herself with bottle of Vodka, go to Father’s, listen to Stepfamily brag about how decadent their lives are now that they’re squandering your Father’s money, all parents drunk, all kinds of strangers walking in and out, kissy kissy, who’s Stepmother screwing now?, Grandparents crying, asking about Mother, Father shuddering at talk about Mother, long dinner, more presents, grinning, grinning, kissy kissy, drive back home, Mother’s smashed and getting ready to go out to the Bar. Now these Brothers have the nerve to sue the Zoo. (they got their friend killed by the way). I also don’t really place as much blame on the Zoo Director as McLaughlin does. That Zoo has had non-stop problems since before he got there. This guy sounds like a complacent autocrat. San Francisco has a rich tradition of blaming the authority figures. I lived there for many years and was fascinated by how few Children of D. could stand living in the place. I’d make a friend, Child of D. of course, they’d start screaming about how they can’t live in a Gingerbread City and move away so they can be around real people. The Children of Normal Families (Children of N.F.’s?) go to Support Groups forever and ever and ever and never stop complaining about their parents. And they are all divorced themselves (at least once) and doing a screwy job of raising their own kids so they get really defensive about this one sensitive topic.  And they’re all Therapissssssssts.

At any rate, my Solution would be that some Rich Family needs to donate land so that the Zoo can be moved. It’s not fair to place such large sensitive animals so close to major traffic and shopping malls and teenagers on meth (hey, it’s San Francisco). Sorry. Just had to get in my two cents worth.

Read the story, it’s really nice.

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