Spoiled Children of Divorce

More About the Tiger Mauling
January 13, 2008, 11:20 pm
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On 6 days of the week The San Jose Mercury News is a really great newspaper that runs stories about real subjects like the condition of the local jails and schools and the techies of the Silicon Valley. On Sundays, however, they seem to feature some weird quirky story about stupid people who end up as victims. This is my last Sunday morning falling prey to this crap. Take a look: http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_7960021?nclick_check=1.

Today’s story, Front Page, is another recount of the tiger mauling at the San Francisco Zoo which happened on Christmas Day with a more in depth character study of the victims. They’ve turned it into an ideal freak story about the Hell of having Christmas in Divorced Families. Carlos Sousa, Jr. was the one who was from the Divorced Family. He was the one who was killed. I’m actually starting to notice a pattern of this in the news stories but I’ll talk about that later. Carlos had spent Christmas Eve at his Father’s House and was due to spend Christmas Day with his Mother. Today’s story describes Carlos’ home life at the holidays. Look at this from the kid’s point of view, for once:

“Carlos always wanted us back together,” his mother said of her son.

He split his time between parents, spending some nights in a sleeping bag on the floor beside his mother’s bed. There were advantages for the teenager, his mother said. For Christmas, instead of receiving one present, he received two — one from each parent.”

There you go! I don’t want to boast but, I TOLD YOU SO!!!!! Kids from Divorce have it so good. Two Presents at Christmas! Wow!!!!!

Rest In Peace, Carlos. The Eyewitness at the Zoo said that you weren’t even participating in the taunting, the other newspapers have made a point of mentioning this.

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