Spoiled Children of Divorce

Successful Children – Kurt Cobain / Courtney Love

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were sort of like the Prom King and Queen of Generation X. This was a generation that sort of grew up stunned by Life. They were the first kids to talk about growing up in Divorce.

Kurt Cobain’s parents divorced in 1975 when he was 7. He lived for a year with his Mom and then moved in with his Dad and after that shuttled around. His Mother said that the Divorce completely changed him. He became out of control and after a few years when Dad couldn’t handle him he bopped around between family and friends’ houses. He dropped out of high school and lived for a while under a bridge. Cobain’s saving grace was that he started playing guitar at Age 14. I guess an outlet for expression helps. Unfortunately it doesn’t fix anything. He seems his health was frail his whole life and he suffered from depression, Scoliosis, bronchitis and stomach problems.

Cobain started using drugs when he was 11 and was hooked on heroin by 1986.

From what I’m reading Cobain became the voice for Generation X and for the Grunge style of Rock. The Grunge style certainly seems to fit with growing up in a chaotic household. Cobain celebrated instant celebrity as lead singer for Nirvana and struggled with his success. He married Courtney Love in 1992 with whom he had a daughter.

Cobain killed himself on Apr. 8, 1994 in Washington state, Age 27.

Courtney Love was born in San Francisco to highly dysfunctional parents. Her Hippie parents divorced when she was 5. Her Mother gained custody by telling the court that Courtney’s Father had fed her pills when Courtney was 4. Her Father continued to feed her drugs for the rest of her childhood. Her Mother remarried twice more and had two more daughters. Courtney’s Mother is a therapist and says that Courtney became magically screwed up on her own at Age 2. Courtney was given an insulting nickname as a child, Miss Pee?, because her clothes were so filthy. One can see where the Grunge look originated. She has since become a Fashion Icon who is known for a sloppy, but stylish look.

Courtney’s Mom sent her to therapy when she was 6. That worked well. They spent much of Courtney’s childhood years traveling around the World. When Courtney was 8 the family moved to New Zealand and left her behind because she fought with her Mother. Courtney was eventually brought over but was sent back. She ended up spending most of the rest of her childhood in Mental Hospitals, Foster Homes, Detention Centers and Strip Clubs.

Love became the Lead Singer and Lyricist for the group Hole. She met Cobain in 1989 and they married in 1992 when Courtney became pregnant. Cobain committed Suicide and Love has somehow managed to keep her career going although fairly messed up by the drugs. In addition to her music she is a really great actress.

Love’s latest album is called “Nobody’s Daughter.” It looks like maybe Rehab worked this last go round at least. Rolling Stone has called her “the most controversial woman in the history of rock.” While Courtney was at the peak of her worst problems, The Mother took advantage of her Fame and published a book telling all about Courtney’s messed up family from the point of view of a rational therapist. I’m sure that helped her daughter. Where do these idiots come from?

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check some oif ur facts he died on april 5th and was found on the 7th and it was released to the media on the 8th

Comment by tanyia

who cares… we all suffer … and have shitty parents…

Comment by nana

The issue here isn’t whether or not we have shitty parents. The issue is that we have two shitty families and no support.

Comment by wristwatch

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