Spoiled Children of Divorce

Birth Order in Blended Families
January 15, 2008, 10:00 pm
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Birth Order in Blended Families isn’t discussed much, is it? There’s so much discussion about it in Normal Families. The kids go through being wrenched apart from their families and then slammed get tossed into the new family. It’s a free for all for a while and then New Birth Orders start popping out like Lucky Lotto Balls. Who comes out the Winner is anybody’s guess, maybe. The Brady Bunch made Blended Families look like Shopping At Tiffany’s.  Who wouldn’t want a Divorce after watching a season of that shit?

In my family this simply promoted the eldest to super power status. There was only energy and money for the family to help the oldest ones. As the girl and the youngest I went through another demotion. My situation wasn’t normal as my Father married my best friend’s stepmother, we were the same Age. My step sister and I had been equals, in my eyes at any rate. We stopped talking pretty much. Later on she told that she had been so jealous of me she would have done anything to make sure I never amounted to much. It worked. Also, it made those weekly dinners together even more awkword. At any rate, I didn’t come from a normal version of this family blending thing. I never lived with them. Funny thing I don’t think I’ve ever had a friend from a divorced family who did either. All I know is that it strikes me as odd when parents complain when things don’t go smoothly in these families.

But, anyway, Birth Order. Who gives a shit about this once the Birth Family is ripped to shreds? Today’s Dear Abby or Ann Landers had a whole response section about people being left out of activities in families. One Trained Seal got on and bragged about how everyone in her family is equal. This is simply a sign to me that she belongs to what was The Conqueror Family during Blending Days and her situation was socially improved by the arrangement. Meanwhile, she had a relative who had been murdered. The entire family grieved together at the funeral when each one put a rose on the road kill’s grave and she thought this was an expression of family togetherness of feeling. Honey, you weren’t grieving. Putting a rose on a grave is a gesture, it’s not grief. Grief is a very deep, complex feeling that lasts for, in your case, at least a week but also up to five years depending on the depth of loss of the griever. Grief is the loneliest feeling in the world.

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