Spoiled Children of Divorce

Problematic Children of Divorce – Robert Hawkins

I suppose “Problematic” is a fairly gentle term for some of the screws up that spawn from Divorce.  Not all Mass Murderers come from broken homes, but, frankly, I’m sort of surprised that more aren’t.  Here’s one.  He wasn’t even on psych drugs. But he did tell his therapists that he wished his parents loved him.  Robert Hawkins is the mass murderer who entered a Shopping Mall in Nebraska last month (Dec. 5, 2007, Omaha) and killed 8 people and himself. His parents divorced shortly before he turned 2 years old. Hawkins and his older sister lived with his Father. His sister is 4 years older and reportedly doing very well in life.

Both parents remarried new partners when he was 4. His Mother went through a second Divorce when Hawkins was 8 years old. His Father divorced his StepMother when Hawkins was 17. Hawkins had one birth sister, 4 years older, and 4 half-siblings, all younger. He had been receiving therapy since he was 6 years old. His Mother fought for custody about that time saying that the Step-Mother was verbally abusive. Hawkins was put into a Mental Hospital on or the day after his 14th Birthday for threatening to kill his Step-Mother. After that he was made a Ward of the State and lived until Age 17 in State Facilities or in Foster Homes. His Mother visited him for the first time after 2 1/2 years in July, 2005. At 17, Hawkins moved back in with his Father who was going through his 2d Divorce (not the best timing but I guess Daddy felt lonely), then dropped out of High School. Hawkins was detained a couple of times while in Foster Care for dealing marijuana. At the time of his death he had just been fired for stealing money from McDonalds, had broken up with his girlfriends and was having legal problems for alcohol and drugs.

The Director of the Facility where Hawkins was kept says that his Treatment cost $245,000.

Description of Hawkins’ life: http://omaha.craigslist.org/pol/511019475.html.

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