Spoiled Children of Divorce

Dr. Lawrence A. Kurdek
January 19, 2008, 6:34 pm
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Here’s a link to an article about “The Seven Year Itch” in Marriage. http://www.apa.org/releases/marriage.html.

It’s written by Psychologist Dr. Lawrence A. Kurdek who is the guy who found out that children take a big toll on the quality of their parent’s divorce. He studied newlyweds through their first 10 years of Marriage and found that there were declines in the Marriage right after the “Honeymoon is over” phase which comes early on. And then once again after about 8 years which he equates with the 7 year itch phase.

This is interesting to think about regarding astrology. In astrology there’s a big difference between 7 years which is associated with Moon (Family, Feelings), Saturn, (Reputation, Responsibility, Burdens) and Uranus (Divorce, Rebellion, Innovation) and the 8 Year Period which is associated with Sun (Ego, Will, Children, Fun) and Venus (Marriage, Partner, Family). Once one struggles with the issues of the 7 year period one just wants to move right into the Sun-Venus Fun Zone aspect I guess and tosses everything else aside.

Kurdek has written an article called “Children’s Perceptions of Their Divorce.” J.ofDiv. Vol. 3 #3 (10/20/88) which I’d love to read.

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