Spoiled Children of Divorce

Extroversion v. Introversion
January 23, 2008, 8:05 am
Filed under: Astrology stuff

While screaming about how obnoxious the psychoblabbers are I am reminded to say something that I’ve been pondering.

Don’t know if any studies have been done of this, but I sort of wonder if Introverted Children are harmed by Divorce much more than Extroverts.  They certainly are not well accepted by society.  An Extrovert might actually enjoy having two whole new sets of stepfamilies to smooze in.  An Introvert is going to be driven inward even more and may develop some weird behaviors because of it. If you’ve got 2 families you have half the time to yourself that you would in a one family household and for an introvert this is lethal.  And divorced parents are so needy.

There is a correlation to this in the Astrology charts I’ve been looking at.  The Successful kids often have highly extroverted charts.  In their charts, very often the House indicating Home and Family is empty.  This would indicate that Homelife is simply not that big of a deal to these people so if something goes wrong there they won’t really be impacted, well, until….

I did have a conversation with a psychology student about Introversion among psychology people and she said that out of a class of 20 only two of the students were introverts. That certainly explains why the psych profession is so bad. How can extroverts delve into the depths of the human soul?  They don’t even know it’s there.  Well, Dante had Virgil to help him walk through Heaven and Hell and everything inbetween so maybe they have ways, dunno.  Yeah, and Odysseus returning back from the Trojan War.  He was certainly an extrovert.  Same thing, he was confronted with all kinds of symbolic life distractions and he was always surrounded by his guys.  I’m talking to myself here, an Introverted type of thing.

I just need to add more bio’s.  hmpf.

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This comment:”How can extroverts delve into the depths of the human soul? They don’t even know it’s there.”, is the most asinine, ridiculous remark I have ever heard. It sounds like the comment of someone who is very envious of extroverts. Shameful.

Comment by Anon

Only an extrovert would hurl a bunch of insults at a person without backing up any of his/her observations without an argument, let alone ideas. Thanks for your shallow contribution to this blog.

Comment by toothless

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