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Post-Traumatic Embitterment Disorder
January 23, 2008, 7:41 am
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New Diagnosis. I’m so excited. WordPress is featuring a blog with a discussion about this: Post-Traumatic Embitterment Disorder. PTED. New Psycho Bling for a Mental Illness for which there is no cure. In the U.S. this drastically lessens one’s ability to get Health Insurance.  I swear, absolutely everything the Psych community does absolutely enrages me.

This was supposed to be a blog entry about the benefits of Religion but it looks like the battle-axy shrinks have come up with a new one which is so much more sensational.

Maybe Dr. Phil will set up a whole week’s worth of shows on PTED. He certainly gives me PTED. Most overly extroverted people do.

I can’t really discuss Religion and the Psych professions because I just don’t like them on a personal level. At least Religion gets people in touch with their Hearts and that is good. Psychology seems to be completely run over by Extroverts who don’t have any depth or character. Some of the older guys seem to have been aware of its failing but people my age are practicing it with a mass, pop mentality which totally disgusts me.

I’m so peeved.  Using the word “Bitter?” That’s called adding insult to injury.  You’re already struggling with something and someone comes along and says “You’re so bitter!”  That’s useless information.  It’s also a sign that you haven’t talked to the person in depth enough to understand what’s really going on.

In Astrology you can look at a person’s chart and say, yeah, this person could have a much more difficult time dealing with a traumatic problem than another person because his chart shows a lot of innate fears, difficult environmental factors, hypersensitivity, difficulty handling change, holding things in, lack of resources, victim mentality, conservative mindset, paranoia, whatever.  You don’t just tell the mutha fucka that he’s bitter and say tsk, tsk.  What good does that do?  It’s depressing.

Embitterment for the Betterment of the American Psychiatric Association.  Actually it was a German who came up with this one. Thank God it wasn’t another American.

I’ve got to stay away from psych stuff on this blog.  The mediocrity that the whole profession has lapsed into completely Embitters me. Embitterment, lol.

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