Spoiled Children of Divorce

More Fun with the Stats Search Feature
January 26, 2008, 4:56 pm
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I need to start a weekly listing of my favorite searches that lead people to this blog.  First I should just keep a weekly tally of stepmothers who hate their spoiled brat stepchildren.  Rarely, very rarely, is there ever a search of people who are looking for information on how “To Be a Good Stepparent.”  Absolutely nobody questions their own lack of ability or bad character.  It’s really tough for the people out there who are good stepparents.

Ok. First of all, someone wants “Statistics of spoiled kids in United States.”  I wonder, is this an American or someone from a foreign land wanting to know this.  Because I live around a lot of rich immigrant kids and I have to tell you they are the most out of control little brats in the world.

Then.  “Divorce Children Partner Sleeping.”  Wow.  This is a big problem that someone ought to really try to address.  I went for special EMDR treatments to try to erase a memory regarding this topic.  This is a therapy where the therapist swings a pendulum and you re-tell the incident.  Supposedly, constantly changing the position of your eyes while remembering the trauma releases the emotional charge from your system.  The therapist, a single mother, got defensive and wouldn’t let me have any more EMDR treatments.  The treatment actually did work.  My Mother used to bring guys home from the bar after closing and would scream at me to get out of bed and play music for them.  This would be at 3:00am or so and I was 15 so I suppose it was extra humiliating to be a forced music slave for old drunk guys at that age.  My Mother wouldn’t stop screaming at me and threatening me (breaking the instrument, getting rid of it, killing me, kicking me out the house, of course I was selfish).  The men would just sit there and let her do it until I played.  One night there were two men and the one guy was a psychologist who was still dressed in his tennis outfit from his game the afternoon before.  He was very drunk and was staring at me as if I were a lab rat in an extremely stressful environment and he was merely there was observation.  I didn’t even tell the EMDR person that he was a psychologist because I knew she couldn’t handle it.  So, anyway, the look in his conceited drunk eyes is still with me but my heart doesn’t cue up like a twisted dishrag when I think about it.  I don’t remember the other guy.  I don’t remember any of the other guys who I had to play for on other times.  I remember my Mother’s threats and I remember this guy’s ugly eyes.  Thing is, I was 15.  What a way to go through puberty.  So, and yeah she probably slept with them, it was the 70’s pre-AIDS, pre-herpes even.  If you’re that drunk who cares if you slept with someone, really.

“Percentage of kids who hate their stepparents.”  Someone should have asked “Percentage of abusive stepparents” to see if there’s any correlation.  I suspect that most stepchildren feel nothing for their stepparents but what do I know so most stepparents should just relax in this regard.  Feeling nothing is the Child of D’s greatest survival tool. The stepparent should learn this as well.  If you guys don’t get along then, let’s be real, everyone’s just playing a waiting game until the kid turns 18 and can be kicked out.

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