Spoiled Children of Divorce

Pregnant Women who are Murdered By Their Boyfriends/Husbands
January 29, 2008, 12:36 am
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This is not going to go over well. One of the leading causes of death among Pregnant Women now seems to be homicide. I’ve been casually noticing that the more famous stories in the news seem to present women who come from homes with either single parents or stepparents or some such thing. I’m not going to go into researching this a whole lot because I tend to feel there’s a connection and I can’t handle it emotionally. I’m just going to present what I have found, please correct any wrong information I might be adding. The husbands or boyfriends seem to come from loving, sort of overly supportive families (I’m thinking of Scott Peterson who seemed quite spoiled).

It could be that women who grow up in these situations are either overly demanding due to deep insecurities, overly provocative or argumentative, or have bad judgment and instincts regarding relationships. Or maybe there’s no connection…

Laci Peterson – Parents Divorced, loving step-father

Lori Soares “Hacking” – Adopted. Parents Divorced.

Jessie Davis – Divorce.

LaToyia Figueroa – No Divorce, but her Mother was murdered when LaToyia was a baby.

Marie Lauterbach – don’t know situation. Woman described as “Step-Mother” has been spokesperson.

Lisa Underwood – Mother single. Don’t know about the Father.

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“… One of the leading causes of death among Pregnant Women now seems to be homicide”.

One of, maybe. ‘The’, no, auto accidents kill as many or more.

“… The husbands or boyfriends seem to come from loving, sort of overly supportive families (I’m thinking of Scott Peterson who seemed quite spoiled)”.

Don’t believe media BS. Scott was not spoiled, he worked hard (and played hard) and was more than ready to support his own family by his own efforts.

“…Laci Peterson – Parents Divorced, loving step-father.”

Ron Grantski was not someone Laci liked. He creeps many people out (including me).

Scott did not harm Laci. Look at the actual facts:-
• A visibly pregnant woman vanishes from her home. No signs of a crime can be found – anywhere – ever.
• Her shoes are found abandoned on the side of the street, 170 feet from her house.
• Seven days after she vanishes, her watch is pawned in Modesto.
• Another woman is found with Laci’s Social Security card.
• Some time after that Laci’s earrings are sold at an auction sale in Oakland.
• The California Highway Patrol receives a tip that a pregnant woman is being held captive in Tracy, close to Modesto, and is being abused.
• Her body turns up four months later, found on the shore of San Francisco Bay, a place where many other bodies have been dumped and not far from Oakland.
• Her uterus has been cut open by someone unskilled in medical procedures.
• The fetus and the placenta are both missing.
• Some distance away, the body of her child is also found.
• He shows no signs of prematurity, he is full term and he is not curled up in the fetal position.
• The fetal cord has been crudely cut.
• A piece of twine has been double knotted around his neck, not to harm him but to keep his body wrapped in plastic bags to protect it. One of the bags is found nearby.
• Although Laci was not consuming anything with caffeine in it, she was found with caffeine in her system. Conner had none, showing that she consumed it after he was removed from her body.
• Laci was found wearing underwear with a wear pattern which shows she had worn it for the whole period of her abduction – which was 111 days.
• Her clothes were still on her body, something which could not happen unless they were retied after the baby was removed. It also shows she was in the water for a day or two at most.
• Her uterus is two to three weeks post partum, showing that she lived at least that long after the baby was removed from her body.
• Although the body of the mother is simply discarded in the sea, either from the Albany Bulb or more likely from Point Isabel (it has been suggested in the Hoffman channel), the body of the baby is carefully laid on the shore at Point Isabel so it can be found and buried. This is clearly the work of someone who cared for the baby.

What part of this does NOT look like a failed fetus napping, where both mother and child have died?

Comment by A Voice of Sanity

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