Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Children – Scientists & Thinkers
January 30, 2008, 8:51 pm
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Am looking for Successful Scientists & Thinkers who were ground through the Divorce Mill and succeeded and so far haven’t come up with anything.  Only used the Time100 list of Greatest 20th Century People (can’t remember exact title).  It’s a White Man’s Convention out there in this field, let me tell ya.  Well Rachel Carson made the list.  Thank yah Rach!

The scene has probably changed a bit by now although I think I’ve read that men still predominate in this field.  I blame this completely on the parents who instill these prejudices and low self-esteem in their kids no matter what, but what do I know?  Divorce would not bring out creative thinking in kids because a chaotic environment and all that shuffling around and trying not to make waves doesn’t give kids the space and peace they need to go into themselves.  Scientists and Thinkers tend to be Introverts, no?  And Divorce is for the Extroverts.  Children of Divorce I should think would naturally gravitate toward inventing rafts and houseboats and vans and any kind of transient habitation so maybe they’ll thrive once the Global Warming floods begin.  So it’s all just part of the Master Plan anyway.  Things work out in the end.

(It doesn’t seem as if any kids of Divorce will read this blog, only shrinks, whiney single parents and now Scott Peterson’s family, but if one does happen to read this — please, please, please, figure out a need in the world and go to school to learn how to fix it.  Set your sights high and think big.  Your insights are ten times deeper than the kids from the normal families, you just need to rely on your own resources a lot more in order to compete.)

Here are the people on the list who I checked.  Some are from weird families, check out the Wittgensteins for example, but none from Divorce.  And, by the way, many were considered extremely spoiled as children, it takes attitude to be creative:

Leo Baekleland (plastics); Tim Berners-Lee (Internet); Rachel Carson (environmentalist); F.Crick & J.Watson (DNA); Albert Einstein (E=MC2); Philo Farnsworth (TV); Enrico Fermi (Nuclear Fusion? not sure); Alexander Fleming; Sigmund Freud (psychiatry); Kurt Godel (Mathematics); Robert Goddard; Edwin Hubble (astronomy); John Maynard Keynes (Economics); Louis, Mary & Richard Leaky (Paleantologists); Jean Piaget (Philosopher, Psych); Jonas Salk (Medicine); William Shockly; Alan Turing (Computer Science); Ludwig Wittgenstein (Philosophy); Wright Brothers (Flight)

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Ann Marie

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