Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Children of Divorce – Steven Spielberg

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s parents divorced when he was around 15 or 16.

He says here that E.T. is inspired by that experience:

“From the very beginning,” Spielberg said, “ `E.T.’ was a movie about my childhood–about my parents’ divorce, although people haven’t often seen that it’s about divorce. My parents split up when I was 15 or 16 years old, and I needed a special friend, and had to use my imagination to take me to places that felt good–that helped me move beyond the problems my parents were having, and that ended our family as a whole. And thinking about that time, I thought, an extraterrestrial character would be the perfect springboard to purge the pain of your parents’ splitting up.”

from http://www.scruffles.net/speilberg/articles/article-006.html

And also from an article at Businessweek.com (www.businessweek.com/1998/28/b3586001.htm):

With his parents’ divorce looming, Spielberg’s grades sank. He barely graduated from high school and was rejected from both UCLA and USC film schools. Settling for California State University at Long Beach because it was close to Hollywood, Spielberg got a C in his television production course. He dropped out in his senior year.

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When my parents got divorced I actually got more creative too. My mother got me into every performance group she could find and I thank her for that. It keep me so busy with school work and performing that I never had time to get bogged down about the divorce.

Now that I’m an adult I work for a company called firstwivesworld.com that helps women connect and get the resources and information they need when they are going through what is one of the toughest times in their lives … divorce.

I remember watching my mother and father going through the divorce process. I remember seeing my mother get her confidence back and watching my father cry for the first time. It was an emotional time for all, and of course I pull upon that pain when I perform and how I work … even to this day.

Who knew, Steven Spielberg and I were so much alike?


Comment by AntonioFWW

Cool Antonio, I’ve been finding a lot of stories about how the kids turn to creativity. That’s what I did. Actually I sort of overdid it which I think led to depression and a lot of false hopes which didn’t pan out. That’s probably when the real pain of the divorce happened. I had been kind of the servant child who kept everything running and I was sort of stuck in that role as far as my family was concerned.

Comment by toothless

That’s very interesting toothless, I had a very close friend that the same thing happend to. I agree completely that children of divorce need an outlet and creativity is the perfect one for that. It allows them to deal with it in their own personal way that intern makes them feel more positive about themselves. My very close friend got really into acting and theater and it was great but she also overdid it. Then it also like you lead to false hopes and depression. I think that there is a fine line there and love hearing stories like Steven and Antonio’s.

I actually just started working for http://www.firstwivesworld.com and it really is a great place to go and see the many stories out there. This site give you faces, and helps you connect on a personal level that is very difficult to find nowadays on the internet.
Just my two cents
Ann Marie

Comment by Ann Marie

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