Spoiled Children of Divorce

“Baby Love” and Internet searches
February 5, 2008, 7:29 pm
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Sort of got emotionally stuck on the psych community and how it handles kids from Divorce. I mean, I know that single parents need to repress their kids’ feelings, but the shrinks? So weird. So, indeed, I’m feeling stuck with this blog and am working more on the astrology side of things which is more positive. Am not feeling much like adding a whole lot right now. It’s just too frustrating.

Read on Yahoo about a new study of the Children of 9/11. The kids were studied for how the stress affected them. Of course, it had a terrible impact. It had a much worse impact on Children who went through additional trauma. I don’t know if the study included Divorce as a source of trauma, sort of doubt it. The Yahoo article didn’t include it.

Death is a Trauma. Car crash is a Trauma. Family breaking in Half: Not a trauma. Stuff it. Bottle it up. Get over yourself.

Picked up Rebecca Walker’s book called “Baby Love” remaindered in the book store. Looks like a real gift. She discusses the decision to have a baby as having come from Divorce, in addition to other factors as being Bisexual, finding a partner, dealing with technological issues (I’m getting this info from the fly leaf). I think it may cheer me up. One of the reviews on the back was interesting:

“In Baby Love, Rebecca Walker has shone a bright light on the Ambivalent Generation — those of us raised to remain daughters rather than become mothers.” by Danzy Senna, author of Caucasia.

That is sort of how it is, isn’t it? Growing up in Divorce my role as “Daughter” was so much more pronounced than it would have been if my parents had stayed together. Maybe I’ll come back to that topic again after I read the book.

Oh. Here are some of the Internet Searches for this blog. There are almost never any searches asking about psychology of or how to help kids from divorce in a kind way. They are generally always referred to as:

“Divorce brats”

“whiney child divorce”

“step child accusing step parent of abuse”

Hmmm, every day there is at least one search wanting information about “Spoiled Children.”

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