Spoiled Children of Divorce

Very Bad Children of Divorce – Osama bin Laden
February 9, 2008, 7:48 am
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I guess I missed one on my Worldbeater’s list. (I got that name “Worldbeaters” from somewhere on the web, can’t remember where.  Great name.)  Osama is indeed a Spoiled Brat.  Someone should just gather all the bitchy step mothers of the world to hunt this freak down.  Let em at him. Well, his stepfather probably beat the shit out of him already anyway.

Osama bin Laden is the Leader of Al-Qaeda, a militant Islamcist organization.  He was born Sunni Muslim to a rich Saudi businessman and his 10th wife.  His parents divorced shortly after Osama was born.  (I bet he was a product of rape).  Osama lived with his Mother who remarried and gave birth to Osama’s 3 stepbrothers and stepsister.  Wikipedia gives a bunch of different majors of studies from Osama’s college days.  Either way, it sounds like Osama dropped out of college before graduating.  That’s typical Child of D behavior.

Osama married his first wife when he was 17.  He maybe has 4 other wives and between 12 and 24 children.  He’s divorced two of his wives.

He has incredible organizational skills and quickly used them to start bombing people, places and things.  The first bombing attributed to Osama was on Dec. 29, 1992. He claims responsibility for the 9/11 airplane bombings in New York and Washington.  He’s either dead or has been in hiding ever since 2001.

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