Spoiled Children of Divorce

“Memory House”
February 12, 2008, 7:44 am
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“Memory House” is a play by Kathleen Tolan about a Mother and Daughter dealing with Divorce along with the daughter’s foreign adoption and other issues.

Here’s a description from http://www.theatrezone.org/productions/past/memoryhouse/memoryhouse.htm

It’s New Year’s Eve. Maggie, a former dancer turned office worker, attempts to bake a blueberry pie. Her only child, Russian-born Katia, struggles to write an autobiographical college application essay. As the clock ticks down to the essay’s midnight postmark deadline, they engage in a tense standoff over their differing philosophies of life. Unexamined issues of the girl’s adoption from a Russian orphanage, her parents divorce, and the fear of leaving home break through the surface as the mother cajoles, deflects, and maneuvers around her own feelings of loss.

In this 90 minute play, the baking of the pie takes place in real time on stage, as does the unfolding of this intimate story. Prize-winning playwright Kathleen Tolan examines the complex negotiations that characterize the relationship between parents and teenage children, the global ties that connect adopted children with birth places and international events, and the anguish and guilt we feel when we know our actions have or will hurt someone we love


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