Spoiled Children of Divorce

Bad Ass Children of What Should Have Been Divorce – Mary I and Elizabeth I

Henry VIII was the ultimate jerk of a husband and so his parenting left much to be desired. The example that he set in his relationships makes a good argument for why Divorce is a good idea.

In pursuit of a male heir Henry rampaged through wives like they were underwear at a 3 for 1 sale. He literally took the Church away from the Catholics and ran it himself so that he could assure himself of the ability to divorce anyone he pleased. Even so, he had two wives murdered in order to get them out of the way. This wasn’t a Greek Play, this was reality. The English Royalty know how to live their tragedies out in real life. I don’t think Henry had any of his kids beheaded, only the Moms.

Mary I was Henry’s first child born to his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. But, Henry, unhappy that his wife couldn’t bear a son, and unhappy that the Catholics wouldn’t let him divorce her, snuck off and married his 2d wife. Then the Church had to have the first marriage “voided.” Mary I was around 17 years old at the time.

Henry’s second wife was Anne Boleyn who gave birth to Elizabeth I. After Anne didn’t cough up a male heir, Henry had her beheaded. Elizabeth was 3 at the time. I realize that this is murder, not Divorce, but if Henry could have divorced Anne easily he maybe would have, he was just getting so frustrated…

Elizabeth was disinherited and Mary’s bitter Mother was forced to work as her Maid in Waiting where she constantly told her what a witch her mother had been.

The 3d Wife finally gave Henry a boy, Edward.  Edward’s Mother died shortly after he was born and Edward was sickly himself. He became King for a short time and died young from some sort of awful chronic disease.  I don’t know what age he was, my Internet connection is slow and I’m too impatient to have to look that up too.

After Henry VIII died, Mary became Queen and had Elizabeth imprisoned. Miaow.

After about 5 years of burning people at the stake (her nick was “Bloody Mary,” not the beverage) Mary died and Elizabeth became Queen because she was last in line for the throne. Mary made England Catholic and Elizabeth turned it back to Protestant. Is it the Protestants? I apologize, I’m very weak on Religious topics.

Elizabeth never married. No wonder. Her rule lasted 45 years. She left no heirs. She had a good following but from what I’ve read, she was sort of responsible for starting the African Slave Trade in order to make England some quick cash.

Do these two go under “Exemplary” or “Bad?” I’ll put them under both. Life is complicated after all and ruling England must be a real bitch especially after such a bad childhood.

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Haha, truuuue story.

Comment by The University Princess

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