Spoiled Children of Divorce

Face Reading
February 21, 2008, 3:28 am
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Just listened to the audiobook version of Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. What fun.

If I’ve got it right, the overall jist of the book is to discuss the side of human perception which is more accurate when it occurs within a flash or small moment in time. This is compared to instances where better perceptions are made when over time time and through conscientious thought. Some researchers (I forgot their names) can actually watch couples talk with each other for 10 or 15 minutes and decide whether or not the relationship will last in a very high percentage of the cases. I think their accuracy rate was around 80 percent but my memory is not the greatest.

Another interesting comment came up in the discussion on psychologist Paul Ekman. Ekman is a psychologist who has studied emotion as expressed in the human face. He can describe facial expressions in terms of the numbers he has assigned to each of the 43 muscles on the human face (hope that’s the right number). There was a fleeting mention about how kids who grow up in traumatic family environments become very good face readers because they always have to gauge what their parents are thinking. I’ve found this to be a pronounced difference in friends from divorced families and friends not from divorced families.

I’ve been told that I’m very good at this myself. This sort of became a problem though when I tried to become a professional portrait painter. My victims said that I needed to stop showing what mood they were in. Sitting still like that is very boring and often very stressful and I usually ended up putting those expressions on their faces.

Great audiobook.

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