Spoiled Children of Divorce

Today’s Generation Brought Up By The Blind Eye
February 25, 2008, 8:43 pm
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I’m going to twist some statistics here as is my way. I don’t have sources for these and I’m working off of memory so can’t vouch at all for accuracy of these numbers.

40 percent of Today’s Generation is growing up in Single Parent Households.

A Quarter of this generation doesn’t exist due to Abortion. This is hopefully the quarter that the psych profession doesn’t want to admit can’t cope with growing up in a divorced family.

These statistics show that the world is changing. One would hope that maybe people are more open minded to finding a better lifestyle that hopefully works. I doubt it though. These kids are being raised by people who think that the parenting skills they grew up with can be applied in the same way that these kids are being raised. So, the kids’ needs are not met. The kids are expected to meet the all consuming needs of their parents. I tend to think, and this is only my opinion, that these kids for the most part are being raised as an inferior class to the kids from the normal families. Right now I think that the single parents are consuming their kids’ lives with the hardships and neuroses of raising kids alone. The kids can’t flourish on their own unless strongly and intelligently encouraged to do so. They simply don’t have the resources of emotional security otherwise.

The world, especially the “Professionals” are turning a blind eye to this situation.

The kids are being raised by stepparents who know there is no payback for their efforts. They don’t love the kids and can only judge them and their real parents.

The kids from the normal families are clearly an upper social class to kids who grow up in divorce. This happens even on satirical cartoon shows like the Simpsons which probably boasts its superior humanity.

The problems haven’t been worked out. Nobody will even look at them. No “Professional” who did not grow up in one of these family situations should be allowed anywhere near research in this field.

Absolutely nothing about recent generations has taken into account the future. The family situations are mirroring the problems that we’re seeing in the environment due to Global Warming. Nobody has invested a single thing toward the future. Social Progress has moved in the same exact direction as Industrial Progress. Interesting.

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