Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Women Intellectuals
February 26, 2008, 5:04 am
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I’m falling short in my search to find Exemplary Intellectuals who grew up in Divorce. Am working with “The Top 100 Intellectuals” from guardian.co.uk.

The writers of the list are concerned that in a list of 100 people, only 10 are women. Of the 10 women none grew up in Divorce as far as I can tell. The bios are spartan, though so there may be a daughter of divorce in there yet, I just can’t name her.

Florence Wambugu of Kenya almost makes the list because her Father was taken away from the family for forced labor. She was raised by a very strong Mother. However awful this is, it is not Divorce.

I’m also beginning to think that growing up in Divorce is worse for a kid’s self-expression. I’d actually assume that girls who grow up in Divorce are stronger as women than those who grow up in normal families because they’ve supposedly seen their mothers function on their own.  Instead, I’m beginning to fear that in reality they simply aren’t raised or nurtured.

How do I have to scream this?  Please please … go to College, get that degree, open the doors.  Expect resistance and indifference from your families and ignore it.

If one could see the internet searches of step-mothers alone who complain about their step-daughters that come up on the stats counter on this blog one would not wonder at all why this is.  It’s really disgusting.  I don’t think a girl growing up with both a Mother and a Step-Mother has a chance in Hell of being able to grow into a functioning adult woman. Nobody can thrive under the bulk of that much cattiness.  Miaow.  Haven’t even discussed step-sister Hell.

Anyway, Congratulations to the women who have made the list.  May the next generation raise some great leaders in spite of the pain caused by growing up in divorce.  And as I said before, one or two of these women might be from divorce as there was no mention of family in their bios (often a sign of divorce).

Here are the women:

Germain Greer, Australia, Feminist

Naomi Klein, Canada, Journalist

Florence Wambugu, Kenya, Agriculture, Plant Virologist

Elaine Scarry, U.S., philosopher, Literary Theorist

Martha Nussbaum, U.S., Philosopher

Surita Narain, India, Environmentalist

Camille Paglia, U.S., Critic, Feminist

Sirin Ebadi, Iran, Human Rights Activist

Julia Kristeva, France, Philosopher

Ayzan Hirsi Ali, Somalia and Netherlands, Politician

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that is not even funny what kids are doing

Comment by bob

Parents can make a difference…they can pray for their children…whether they are divorced or step-parents God wants the best for their children.

Comment by Janet Thompson

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