Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Male Intellectuals – Installment #2
February 28, 2008, 10:22 pm
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Here’s another chunk off the list of Superior Intellects from The Guardian’s “Top 100 Intellectuals.”

Children of Divorce? Haven’t found any yet and I have to admit I’m getting a little ticked. Doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. Just nobody hauls out the trumpets and announces the situation.  Truthfully, it looks like intelligent kids don’t fair well under the burdens of divorce.  Not everyone can thrive whilst cast into the role of trained seal. Divorce is just a good way to keep coarse people coarse.  Oops, blurting.

I actually don’t have a clue what a couple of these people are doing on this list because they tend to be anti-social and not interested in the welfare of others, but most of them are really interesting. I strongly recommend googling these names on Wikipedia. It’s an interesting little educational project to see what people are talking about in the upper echelons.

Gordon Conway, Britain, Diplomat, Writer – Don’t know, sort of doubt it.

Richard Dawkins, Biologist, Pomemicist – No and that’s fine because he’s sort of annoying, especially if you’re into astrology.

Hernando De Soto, Peru, Economist – Don’t know.

Pavol Demes, Slovakia, Political Analyst – Don’ t know.

Daniel Dennett, U.S., Philosopher – No. Father died.

Kernal Dervis, Turkey, Head of UN Development Programme – Don’t know.

Jared Diamond, U.S. Geohistorian – Don’t know.

Freeman Dyson, U.S. Physicist – No.

Umberto Eco, Italy, Philosopher, Novelist – No

Paul Ekman, U.S. Anthropologist, Psych – No. Mother committed Suicide.

Fan Gang, China, Economist – Don’t know.

Niall Ferguson, Britain, Historian – Don’t know.

Alain Finkielkraut, France, Essayist, Philosopher – No

Thomas Friedman, U.S., Journalist, Author – No.

Francis Fukuyama, U.S. Political Scientist & Author – No.

Gao Xingjian, China, Novelist – No.

Howard Gardern, U.S. Psychologist – No.

Timothy Garton Ash, Britain, Historian & commentator – don’t know.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. – U.S., Theorist of Race – No.

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