Spoiled Children of Divorce

Anorexia Video
March 4, 2008, 10:35 pm
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This is a really strange video about Anorexia that shows “expert” after “expert” in the field of Eating Disorder treatment stating that Anorexia is not caused by the parents. That’s such bull shit.

I’m including it here because, this is the same stupid attitude that the Experts use for growing up in Divorce.

Point is. Blame has nothing to do with it. Looking honestly at the reasons for why a problem exists is the only way to deal with it. Much of the bizarre behaviors that an Anorexic takes on, the obsessions, the isolation, the self-injury, the secrecy and games, have been proven to be symptoms of malnutrition. People have known about this since the Minnesota Starvation Project found this out in the 1940s. That along with family and society pressures are enough. Start there you idiots. It’s a massive project. Yet the experts have decided that, since they can’t cure Anorexia, they will now call it a brain disorder.

This is all a waste of energy and time. This is the mess the Psych community would make of Divorce if they were to actually come out of their comas with regards to effects of the situation. So maybe best to let them do their stupid studies. What else are they going to do with their lives?

Okay, another rage session. This is really unhealthy. In college I stayed in a Psych 101 class for exactly one day and I was flying off into rages. They were trying to impress an ampitheater of students with a movie showing a science experiment where researchers were abusing monkeys with electrodes. I can’t forgive that.

I assume that Anorexia and Divorce are not related. It’s just an oddball coincidence in my case that mine started because I couldn’t eat after my Mother’s repeated suicide attempts. There’s such a huge difference in personality and motivation between sufferers according to age of onset that I don’t even think of that as a factor. The teenagers are obviously buckling from changing body issues and are working in secret. The little kids are absolutely frightening to me. The older, drug addict types are trying to kill themselves. I’ve only known two and they were showmen and really like the attention.

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