Spoiled Children of Divorce

Scientific Studies of Parents Who Divorce
March 7, 2008, 4:21 pm
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HaHa, there are none. The researchers only test the kids. They never look at the genes of the parents to see if they have any parenting genes, or honesty genes, or genes that need to blame their kids for all their miseries. They never check for drug & alcohol & mental illness & ability to survive financially without taking everything out on the kids. They never check for a responsibility gene. Or the gene that lets the kid cook all his meals. Or the gene that thinks to put anything in the refrigerator besides beer and white wine. Or how about the gene for fucking the boyfriend in front of the kid or protecting the kid from being raped by the boyfriend? That seems like it may have some pertinence here since it’s such a common activity and no one talks about it. The Parents certainly won’t admit it. The kids can’t admit it because they’ll be beaten up.
They check for the kid’s genetic make-up for depression and restlessness and maybe something else and then they state it to the world with all the authority of some ignorant brat from a Normal Family. In Divorced kids, you had better have the “Nature” because the “Nurture” doen’t exist. Survival of the fittest, my stepmother ranted about this all the time, my stepsister has written a book on it.

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