Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Children of Divorce – Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was the “Mother of the Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement.” When she refused to get off of her seat for a white person she freed the Country. Rosa Parks was a Child of Divorce.

From what I can tell, Parks’ parents separated sometime before she was 7 years old. Parks moved with her Mother and younger brother, Sylvester, to her grandparents’ farm in Alabama where she spent the remainder of her childhood. According to the census records that are listed on the Internet her Mother remarried.

Parks married a barber named Raymond Parks in 1932 and in 1943 became active in the current Civil Rights Movement. She became its “Mother” on Dec. 1, 1955 in Montgomery Alabama. That’s absolutely the only time I can say that I wish had taken the public transit.

Parks passed away in 2005, still very humble and very much admired. She wrote her autobiography which I hope to read soon.

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I have to say I love this site. I work for http://www.firstwivesworld.com, it is an online community for women navagating through the various stages of divorce and life thereafter. I spend a lot of time reading up on and researching the topic and came across this site in my research and now frequently come back and see what you post. I learn something everytime I come here. Keep up the great work!

Ann Marie

Comment by Ann Marie

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