Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Children of Divorce – Lance Armstrong

I’ve avoided talking about Professional Athletes from Divorced Families.  I don’t know for certain but assume that there are a lot from Divorced Families.  If things at home are a little bit difficult to be around it seems that Sports would be an easy way to focus on something positive for very talented children with a lot of discipline and drive.  “Go out and play!” is the Single Parent’s fighting song, lol, just get the Hell out of my overburdened way.  Society, at least American Society, also encourages Sports and provides nice pay offs.  So I’ll start looking at the Success Stories from Sports now, although I realize I still have one more bout with the Intellectuals’ list.

Superstar Cyclist Lance Armstrong has been open about his childhood so I’ll start with him.  Armstrong has broken the Tour de France record by winning the race 7 times in a row from 1999 to 2005.  And he did this after surviving a serious bout with Testicular Cancer that had spread to his Brain & Lungs at Age 25.  Everything in his life seems to have worked in extreme patterns starting with his childhood.  His Mother has been married and divorced 4 times.

Armstrong’s Father left his Mother when Lance was 2 years old.  Within a year his Mother had remarried and Armstrong was adopted by his Step-Father.  I don’t have the information about how long this household lasted and don’t know about Armstrong’s other 2 Step-Fathers.  The Wikipedia article says that Armstrong refuses to meet his real Father and that his Step-Father is “deceitful.”

I’ve never read it, but the title of Armstrong’s book, It’s Not About the Bike, pretty much explains a person who is able to transcend through multiple layers of challenges with super human talents.  Truly amazing.

Armstrong is divorced himself and has 3 children (May 8, 1998 – Sept. 2003).  His relationship with the singer Sheryl Crow was very public but ended just before she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (Autumn 2003 – Feb. 2006).

Armstrong has retired from professional cycling but has continued to give his time to work with Cancer patients through the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  He also participates in Marathons which he says are more difficult than the Tour de France.

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He treats his women like shit and spends way more time partying with socialites than with his children. Yeah, truly amazing.

Comment by PP

Arf. The Sports figures are probably going to be especially “complicated” in this way.

Comment by toothless

It makes you wonder if the sport and dedication to it was used as an emotional escape for the children. I mean it’s a physical representation of an emotional circumstance. I have learned a lot from working for http://www.firstwivesworld.com, it is an online community of support and help for women navigating through the various stages of divorce and life thereafter. Some of the things I have learned are that not everything is surface, digging deeper, while not always pleseant, is very important.
Just my two cents
Ann Marie

Comment by annmariefww

Thanks for your comment Ann Marie. I think that Sports offers aggressive people with no real inner character a place to use their killer instinct. Divorce is the perfect training ground for this. As this blog has sort of been corrupted by the Colorado folks at TetonGravity whatsit forum, I tend to think that I’ll be skipping sports figures. I checked the Forum and apparently it’s full of disgruntled divorcees looking for people to fight with. (And I know you’re just on the blog for marketing purposes).

Comment by toothless

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