Spoiled Children of Divorce

Birth Right
June 4, 2008, 9:48 pm
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Birth Right doesn’t really exist anymore for Children of Divorce (unless they fight for it.)  That’s not a big deal for some personalities.  For others it’s only a problem when comparing one’s self to one’s friends, the friends who go home and home is just home.  For some kids it could be devastating, especially if the parents set a bad example of self-esteem or don’t know how to raise a kid by themselves in the first place.

For Children of Divorce, Home is not Home.  Home is “Relationship.”  Relationships that come and go. And relationships that are one on one with each person.  No sense of unity.  The Child of D must not mind that, or need it.  Or must find a way to seek it out through other means later on in life.

I heard a bunch of kids the other day saying “You make your family.”  There’s nothing really to go back to, which is a common theme through out modern society.  It’s just maybe felt at a much deeper level by those who grew up in split families.  There’s always such a deep vibe running through kids from divorced families that the kids from intact families always lack.  Have to ask so many more questions.

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