Spoiled Children of Divorce

Big Business’ Perspective of Blended Families
July 1, 2008, 8:27 pm
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Okay.  Now I get it.  A Materialistic Society will do anything to make a Sale. The Media won’t discuss divorce because they’re beholden to Big Business and Big Business is booming because Split Families are good for the Economy.

Women in the workplace adds income to the family. So more spending money.  I grew up around families where the Father worked and the Mother stayed at home and everybody was frugal. Nobody spent like they do today.  People didn’t own all this crap.

But, even better, when Families split they spend twice as much all over again.  Two pink and purple comforters, two pink and purple toothbrushes for the girls. One at Mommy’s. One at Daddy’s.  Two black and orange comforters, two black and orange toothbrushes for the boys.  Twice the stash.  Industry loves Split Families!

Found a book that discusses this called Cycles:  How We Will Live, Work and Buy by Maddy Dychtwald.

From the section called “Blended Families” p. 120:

With the divorce rate hovering at around 50 percent remarriage involving the blending of families is a growing reality in the cyclic life.  One-third of all Americans belong to stepfamilies.  Everyone, for instance, knows someone who has more than one set of children from more than one marriage.


Buying Implications

Blended families are a new consumer target, ripe with duplicate buying implications.  Consider a blended family in which a teenage daughter comes to live with her new baby stepbrother, dad, and stepmom.  This arrangement might be for weekends only, for an extended period of time, or as part of a joint custody arrangement.  In any case, she’ll need her own phone, a computer with modem hookup, bedspread, pillows, furniture, makeup and hair accessories, clothes, coats, shoes, and luggage.  She’ll have to have a similar setup at the home of her mother.  She may even need a special pet that makes each house feel like home.  The baby, in turn, needs everything from crib to formula.  If the example features a pair of younger children, figure in sports equipment, a basketball hoop and bicycle, ballet clothes, handheld games, and videos.  Make the example child a little older and you can throw in a car, and the insurance that goes with it.  Don’t forget medical insurance and the convenient network of pediatricians, dentists, and orthodontists that works for everyone.  And, in all likelihood, when the family blends, it will make an overt effort at a fresh start.  That means new dishes and silverware, artwork, furniture, books, and plants.

It also menas potential conflicts and accommodations over holidays and LifeCycle punctuation points such as birthdays, graduations, and weddings….

(we won’t go there today, buy the book if you need examples of how stressful these situations are)

A question that often arises is who pays for college education in a blended family?  When families blend, the need for financial advice and planning increases significantly, requiring the cooperation of sometimes-hostile parties.  A good financial planner (who doubles as a psychologist at times) can help blended families better prepare for the financial burden of private schools, summer camps, supplemental education needs, and indispensible and often pricey college educations.

It’s still the Economy, Stupid!!!!

And who’s going to Colleges?  Didn’t Judith Wallerstein already determine that children from divorce are way more likely to drop out of college?  And she was studying kids from Marin, one of the most wealthy spots on the planet (supposedly).

If Barack Obama becomes President there’s no chance in Hell white kids will ever be able to compete for scholarships.  It’s assumed that we’re all Ivy Leaguers already because that’s all that Obama has ever known.  He doesn’t even know that half of the country is from single parent homes, doesn’t matter what the race.  But listen to that narrow minded Father’s Day speech he just gave the country.  Supposedly only Black Fathers disappear….  Hmph.  That speech really took a lot of nerve.

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“A Materialistic Society will do anything to make a Sale.”

Hence this comment. 😉

Comment by Blended Family Marriage Coaching

Ummm… Obama came from a single parent home. I don’t think he lacks awareness or believes that only black families divorce.

Rather, I think he tries to speak from his own experience to show that he does in fact know what it feels like to be there.

I think your comment makes a lot of assumptions.

Comment by stepmumoftheyear

Stepmum, it sounds like I was having a strong reaction to a speech that I don’t even remember. Kids from divorce have high drop out rates in college that someone needs to speak out against. Where I live there are a lot of immigrants who think that they automatically deserve help with just about everything including college. Pretty sure that that was my intention, but have to admit I came across pretty strong and offensive. I do support helping the African Americans in any way possible as they truly have been beat down and had no choice for centuries about their situations. From what I gather Obama listens to everyone and tries to figure out how to make things fair for as many as possible.

Comment by toothless

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