Spoiled Children of Divorce

Psychic Kids

Was channel surfing on TV the other night and stopped at Larry King Live for a show on Psychic Kids.  There’s a therapist who has put together an actual TV show that documents Children who exhibit exceptional psychic talents.  One girl who is 14 now said that she began to have psychic abilities right after her parents’ divorce when she was 6.  I was so proud of her for stating this outright.  Larry King asked her if she thought that the divorce had something to do with this and she said Yes.  I do know that Children of D are much more sensitive than kids from intact families.  It makes sense that one has to develop greater abilities to understand human nature and at such a young age the extra stress and fear can open one up to all levels of existence.

I’ve never heard of this TV show and don’t know what channel it’s shown on.  It would be interesting to see if an abnormally large quantity of the children on it are from Divorce.

Someday hopefully Scientific research will show that extreme stress such as going through one’s parents’ divorce or living in blended families can bring out these traits.  The child might have gifts but I suspect that within a family, especially within a step-family any personality trait of this kind would not be considered ina positive light overall.  These children would be considered manipulative or psychotic and the kids would be tortured extra hard.  Could explain especially why Step-Mothers are so hard on their Step-Daughters.  Women play on these psychic battlefields all the time as it is.

The therapist was pretty good about saying that the kids don’t exhibit symptoms of psychosis and that she thinks they really are having spiritual experiences of some type.  Being a therapist, of course, she couldn’t let the “D” word come out of her mouth.  It is, however, a positive thing that she’s open to developing the childrens’ abilities.  Since Divorce is so common it is best for society to be open to the new forms of thinking that will come from it.  The parents are trying to develop an improved lifestyle for themselves but they expect the children to act as if they live in a normal family.  The whole idea is to improve society, isn’t it?

The young girl said that because of the spirits who were haunting her in her Mother’s house, the family had to move.  That seems stress related and I hope she doesn’t grow up with a continual theme of housing hell. I know that that’s been a major problem in my life and have met others with the same problem.

Sorry I don’t remember the young girl’s name on the show.  But I certainly appreciate her courage to speak openly and honestly.

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