Spoiled Children of Divorce

Richer and Sadder?
July 15, 2008, 5:38 pm
Filed under: money, Possible Personality Traits of Children of D.

A huge leap in Divorce Rates in the 1970s means that people who grew up in that batch are now in their 30s and 40s.

By coincidence, studies have shown that these kids are unhappier than previous generations.

They’re also a lot richer. Financial consultants say that people who come to them looking for advice on how to deal with gobs of money are no longer Trust Fund kids but people who have made the money on their own.

I heard a financial advisor say this on the radio while I was driving (NPR?) and don’t recall whether he said what careers are prominent in these wealthy people’s lives. I assume it was the Tech Industry which means that a lot of the money has gone to Males rather than Females. I’ve also discussed before that I think that High Tech and the rise of the Cool Dork in society could possibly be spawned from the split families.

Are the sad people of this generation the ones who have watched others their age living in the money? Or are they the rich ones? Since money is the major indicator of success in American culture at least this is a huge indicator of social happiness, whether the spiritual types want to admit it or not. They certainly are free at this young age to run off and do as they please with the rest of their lives.

Ease of long distance transportation could be a factor as kids are no longer stuck in their small towns with no opportunity for growth. If they come from Divorce they would also have had no family to hold them back. (They also don’t have family to fall back on).

Children of D are certainly more aware of finances at an early age from watching all the negotiating, and fighting, between their parents. So perhaps it was easy for them to accumulate more at an early age. They have been raised as Tax Deductions whose financial value runs out at Age 18.

So much for wondering. Psychologists don’t recognize unhappiness as a signature for Children of D. because they’re such such malcontents themselves. And most grew up in Intact families, no doubt as the whiners of their families.

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