Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Children of Divorce – Jack Black

According to today’s USA Weekend Magazine, Comedian/Actor Jack Black is a Child of D. He grew up in the Los Angeles area in California and is the product of two Rocket Scientists (Engineers of some sort) who divorced when he was 10 years old.  I’ve found sources saying that Black lived with his Mother and with his Father so I’m not sure which.  Sounds like the suitcase was his home.

Black has married Tanya Haden who he has known since High School. His wife is the daughter of Jazz musician Charlie Haden and is one of a set of triplet girls all of whom are professional musicians. It sounds as if they are also from a split situation although I can’t tell if Charlie Haden actually ever married their Mother.

Black attended UCLA but dropped out in his Sophomore year to pursue his Entertainment career.  Black and Haden met again 15 years after High School and fell in love.  They married in 2006 and currently have two children, Sammy and Tommy.

One of Black’s first successful roles was in the movie High Fidelity about a record store clerk.  I’ve mentioned the author of High Fidelity before, Nick Hornby, who is a Child of D as well and has written many humorous books that include the subject.

As well as short-term hobbies, his youth was defined by a long-term love of music. His parents suffered a difficult divorce when Black was 10, and he went to live with his mother in Culver City, near MGM Studios, where she rented out rooms to aspiring stars. A number of musicians passed through, instilling in Black a love of rock that finds its voice in the form of Tenacious D, his semi-comedic heavy metal band (who, incidentally, play second only to mega-group Metallica at the Reading Festival next month).


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