Spoiled Children of Divorce

Why Was Barack Obama the Only Senator to Vote Against the War in Iraq?
August 20, 2008, 6:14 pm
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It sure would be interesting to poll the members of the Senate to see how many of the politicians who followed the pack and voted to go to War in Iraq are Children of Divorce.

Perhaps if, like Barack Obama, they had grown up in a battlefield they would have had the sense not to cater to the dictates of the needs and manipulations of the utterly selfish Bush Administration and to avoid entering an fruitless and dishonest battle. They would have seen through the manipulative tactics.  It would make sense that growing up in Divorce would give a person more foresight.  In this case it did.

I also wonder if the excessively high amounts of PTSD that the soldiers are experiencing is related to having low tolerance to stress due to their difficult childhoods.  It would also be a very interesting poll to see if there is a correlation.  If you’ve grown up in a battlefield and you have no place to go once you turn 18 of course you will enter the military.  It does provide a family atmosphere and financial assistance.

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