Spoiled Children of Divorce

Change in School Systems to Accomodate Divorce
August 25, 2008, 10:49 pm
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I’ve been thinking a lot about how the public school systems are failing.  Where I live there is a huge drop-out rate, something like 40 percent in the lower income schools.

The main reason for this is poverty.  The second reason for this is oppression of minorities.  The 3d reason for this is no doubt Divorce.  There is a huge correlation between kids who grow up in single parent homes and kids who grow up in poverty.

Wouldn’t it be best to change the school system to something like what Europe offers.  At around Age 15 kids take a test.  The ones with Academic abilities go on to College.  The ones with trade abilities go into a trade.  It would get the kids off the streets and hopefully out of their hostile environments if they wish if they can find a decent way to make a living.  High School was a total waste of time when I was going way back when.  My ability to concentrate was completely destroyed by what was going on at home.  If a child could find a way to make a decent income and to get out of the house(s) they could avoid at least 2 years of dependency on their inadequate parents.  This is two years less of trauma.  It would also be great if in about 10 years they could have the option of moving into University studies in exchange for work so they don’t have to be stuck and filled with resentment if they chose not to be.  They can move on and not have to worry about being undercut in the markets by illegal immigrants who can charge less for labor.

They would have some time to stabilize their lives and also be adding a different dimension at the later age to the more intellectual workforce which has never had the benefit of learning practical skills.  This would create a healthier system.

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