Spoiled Children of Divorce

“Bad Santa”
December 5, 2008, 7:26 am
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In the last half of December there will be some transits coming up that could turn one’s happy home into a bar room brawl, especially where kids and young boys are concerned.  Around the middle of the month there could be a need to argue with the status quo.  In classical families this usually means that the children rebel.  In Divorce it usually means that the parents rebel and the kids hold it in.

Right around Christmas-time (Dec. 26) things could get really intense emotionally as there will be a conjunction of the Moon (emotions), Mars (fighting) and Pluto (sabotage) on a very prominent degree which signifies Authority.  This indicates willfulness and just flat out violence.  Since it will be in Capricorn there might be a need for a cautious, approach and tolerance.  Pluto might mean that everyone bottles up their feelings and then explodes.

If experienced on a higher level this might mean a greater maturity to solving problems.  Time heals all.  One must use creative ways to fix problems.  Don’t use the last two weeks of December to lay blame on anyone; they won’t take it very well.  We’re all adults here (especially the underage Children of D).

Tolerance.  Grace.  Peace.  I’d like to use the word “Love” but that’s pushing it for a kid who is going through the first couple of years of his/her parents’ divorce.  I remember how awful that word sounded at this time of year.  Get out of the House if things get bad — this aspect loves physical exercise and a healthy diet.  Watch that movie “Bad Santa.”

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