Spoiled Children of Divorce

Newsweek Video / Mom’s House-Dad’s House Every Other Day
December 22, 2008, 9:29 pm
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Good for Newsweek Magazine!  They seem to be lone voices in the media for Children of Divorce.  Of course, they don’t seem to show the difficult stories, nobody would buy the magazine if they told much of the truth, but, still, they are bringing up the socially acceptable parts of growing up in Divorce.

This link shows a 14 year old girl, Charlotte, who switches back and forth between her mother’s and father’s houses every other day and she seems very happy to do so.  This is possible, of course, because she lives in Brooklyn and her parents live only 10 blocks away from each other so she can walk back and forth between houses on her own.  God help the kid who has to sit around waiting to be picked up by parents for a ride back and forth between homes.  The parents get along and seem to be friends at this point.  Step-parents and step-families aren’t discussed, if they exist.  Both parents seem to be financially stable.  The parents divorced when the girl was 2 years old.

Charlotte says that she prefers to move back and forth between houses every other day because it would be such a hassle to catch each parent up on a whole week’s worth of activities if custody time were split on a weekly basis.

Here’s a link to the video and the written story along with many reader’s comments.  For some reason the Divorced parents have to keep wedge themselves in on the discussion and whine about their own problems.  I’ll just never understand that level of self-absorption.  Oh well.:



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