Spoiled Children of Divorce

Children of Divorce in the News This Holiday

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  It’s time to let go of what doesn’t work and take on something new that hopefully will work.  If Life were really that easy I suppose I wouldn’t feel quite so stupid saying that.

At any rate, it’s good to take a look at some mistakes that were made this Holiday Season in the hopes that we ourselves will never let things get that out of hand.  We can count our Lucky Stars if this didn’t happen to us.  And those Children of D who have endured the Holidays in silence and have maintained a decent behavior — CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Pat yourself on the back.

The First Story is from Christmas Eve.  In the news is a Horrifying Step-Father story from Covina, California.  Psychotic over the loss of his job and wife, with Divorce final on Dec. 18, Step-Father Bruce Pardo showed up on Christmas Eve at the home of his ex-wife’s parents dressed in a Santa Suit.  The wife, Sylvia, and her children were living here and the family was having a party.  Pardo had packed a bunch of semi-automatics into a box, wrapped it with care, and shot his first victim, an 8 year old child, in the face as she opened the door for him.  He then shot as many other people in the room as he could (I believe the death toll was 9, with 3 injured, the little girl who opened the door has survived).  Pardo then poured gasoline in the house and lit it on fire.  His Santa Suit caught fire and melted on his skin making the planned escape to Canada impossible.  Pardo killed himself later on in the night at his brother’s house.

Ex-wife Sylvia was killed as were her parents.  Sylia’s nephew was killed but Pardo seems to have targeted the adults.  Sylvia’s three children survived but 15 children lost one or both parents.  Story:  http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-santa-shooting28-2008dec28,0,78314.story

The Second Story is a Christmas Day story.  A great tragedy about the trauma of switching between Mom and Dad’s house comes out of Twin Falls, Idaho on Christmas Day.  Father Robert E. Aragon was driving his children to their Mother’s house when his car got caught in the snow.  He told his children to get out of the car and walk the 10 miles to their Mother’s house in the snow.  The children were in their pajamas.  They got lost and were separated.  The son, Bear, Age 12, found a rest stop bathroom to stay in and was found later that evening. The daughter, Sage, Age 11 was found in the snow the next morning, having passed away from hypothermia.

This is a really difficult story of mis-communications between parents during the stressful Holidays.  An article from the local Twin Falls newspaper says that Aragon had full custody of his children and was simply trying to take them to visit their mother on Christmas Day.  He’s very hard working but he shovels manure for a living  and it sounds like he may have a drug problem.  Hey, shoveling poo everyday while worrying about how to feed your kids, who wouldn’t have a drug problem?  Another story told from the same newspaper tells about the confused communications from the Mother’s point of view:   http://www.magicvalley.com/articles/2008/12/29/news/top_story/151765.txt.

May Sage’s soul Rest in Peace and may her brother be okay.  I personally hope that the Judge is lenient with Robert Aragon and insist that he go through Rehab (a long rehab, he’s got a lot to talk about at this point) and to give him job training rather than sentencing him to jail.

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You’re kidding me, right? You hope he DOESN’T go to jail? For making kids in pajamas walk TEN MILES through the snow? The average healthy adult can only walk about 20 miles in one day…WITHOUT any snow to slow them down and sap their body heat. And with appropriate dress.

The ONLY fact in his defense is that the weather was fair when they left, but I cannot believe he he didn’t even check the weather on his drive home OR call the mother immediately upon reaching a phone. Or immediately start after them when the weather turned bad.

What this man did IS criminal neglect (and, sadly, he got away with this murder–what the hell was that jury thinking?)

This was not a tragedy of switching between homes at Christmas. It’s a tragedy of a man’s gross negligence in killing his daughter. I only hope he suffers the grief and guilt appropriate to his crime…but I find it hard to believe, from his actions, that he cared enough about his children to feel bad for very long.

Comment by ShinyAeon

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