Spoiled Children of Divorce

Misplaced Guilt and Parents and Particularly Step-Parents
January 3, 2009, 6:24 pm
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How much of the rage that Parents in families and stepfamilies is really a version of misplaced guilt for putting the kids through an inferior childhood and for providing poor quality of life.   The family is centered completely around the parents’ emotional needs and not the childrens’?  It’s not centered around what the neighborhood needs, or what the school needs or what any other community organization needs.

All that rage about the Manipulation, all the demands for Kindness and Forgivenessthat’s asked from the kids?  Why isn’t it ever offered by the parents?  A ride to Hockey practice isn’t the same thing as a Parent who questions, is this kid the only one who is being manipulative?  Why are my own motives here?   Why do the parents refuse to look at themselves?  Why don’t they apologize?  Why do they question the children’s obvious misery?  What the Hell is that?  It’s  certainly not parenting.  It’s not a positive version of family life.  It just teaches the kids from a very early age that selfishness is part of the human experience, especially in their most intimate relationships.

If parents would take some time before committing to that second marriage to get the kids adjusted and to organize a life style for them which isn’t centered around fighting and bossing people around like cattle, maybe these problems could be lessened.  A second marriage with children can’t be just about foolish romantic love.  If you want a pet dog, go to the pound and get one.  If you want a kind and forgiving child growing up in your home, then give acceptance and respect. If you weren’t raised in a family where that existed yourself, then learn what it is. If you don’t think that anything is wrong with you, then figure out why that is.  We all have faults.  You wouldn’t be in that situation if you didn’t have faults.  I’ve already mentioned how odd it is that Step-Mothers usually see their step-daughters as being manipulative.  They don’t see themselves as manipulative.  They don’t have complaints about their step-sons.  That complaint is obviously a catty girl thing.  It’s how the ladies bully each other, very passive aggressive.

Or, continue to rant on Internet blogs like the idiot that you obviously are.  So be it.

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