Spoiled Children of Divorce

Mentally Ill Step-Parents
January 20, 2009, 10:23 pm
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It seems that I’ve listened time and time again to Step-Parents who acknowledge that their step-children are mentally ill and that their spouse’s ex-s are mentally ill.  I suppose it would be a very interesting study to understand the personality of someone who willingly takes on a family situation with these many problems without ever working on their own problems.  The mental illness that a typical step-parent would suffer from would be closer to sociopathology.  An abnormal need to place blame on others and to create discomfort in order to further one’s own needs.

I easily acknowledge that there are many step-parents who are loving, selfless people.  It’s a bit sad to me, though, when I hear a kid say that his step-parent treated him much better than his own parent.  I realize that this could very well be true, but what step-parent with half a heart would want to hear a kid speak ill of his own parent that way, especially in order to fulfill his/her own need to reign supreme.

Anyway, the games that go on in these relationships are endless and as usual I will say that it’s extremely pathetic that the medical field sides almost relentlessly with the step-parent, the stranger in the family.  There is ignorance coming from this field.

Again and again I will say that this blog isn’t about step-parents.  I have no intention of making good step-parents feel bad.  But I must acknowledge the monsters who are out there.  On the previous entries where I have discussed step-parenting the monsters are constantly leaving messages that are now being forwarded by Hacker companies.  I don’t know what these companies do exactly but I suspect the reason is sabotage.  Some crazy obsessed freak is purposely doing insulting searches many times daily just to insult me.  This person is like a kid who hurts animals and goes on to kill people.  There’s really nothing I can do about it except to acknowledge the level of sickness and hope that no one is truly harmed either in that person’s family or by anyone else he/she has contact with.  Please, freak, get help.

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