Spoiled Children of Divorce


While Googling around on the Internet the other day I stumbled on a blog that was written by a Child of D.  The blog was sort of a personal diary, not specifically about being a Child of D (they never are), but the writer said that one of the chief personality traits that she thought was a fall out from coming from a Divorce was that she tended to spy on people.  This reminded me of filmmaker Brian De Palma’s story of becoming a filmmaker as a kid by trying to catch his Father with another woman on camera.  This reminded me also of my step-sister who I found one day standing with her husband outside of my door when I came home.  We hadn’t talked in ten years.  If you spy on people, you don’t ever have to talk to them. I don’t know if this is typical Child of D behavior.  I know it’s consistent behavior among addicts and alcoholics, though, who live in a constant state of paranoia over getting caught and placing blame.  Co-dependents, the people who live with the addicts, also have a high “spy” rate.

Growing up in Divorce makes a kid grow up fast.  One learns that people aren’t what they seem and are definitely not what they say they are.  In order to get to the truth, one must get the facts on one’s own.

Parents, of course, use their children to spy on their ex’s.  The old interrogation procedures becomes old hat.  Here is a link to a question and answer on Yahoo called:  “Do you ever spy on your (ex) spouse through your kids?”


They say that people living in urban environments are photographed about 75 times a day.  Cameras are everywhere.  There was a story on the news the other night that personal spy companies are faring very well through the economic downturn.   Course, I’ve read enough stories of step-mommies setting up video cams in order to catch their step-children, but that’s to be expected.  Parenting through nannycams, hmmm.  Real mothers don’t need nannycams.

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