Spoiled Children of Divorce

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

For some reason I’ve been remembering the old Horror movie from the 1960’s called Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? 

Now appreciated mostly as a camp classic it is one of the most psychotic portrayals of women living together under one roof that has ever been produced.  The two actresses in the movie let their ugliest sides show, almost as if they were giving the finger to the Hollywood Glamour machine.  At any rate, I just can’t imagine someone coming from an Intact family being able to create that level of tension within a house. The story is mostly about sibling rivalry, two spinsters with life long jealousies and resentments almost kill each other.

Just had to check…both Joan Crawford and Bette Davis were Children of D.  Man, you can tell they were given way too much information at too tender an age.

Bette Davis’ parents divorced in 1915 when she would have been around 10 years old.

Joan Crawford’s father left just a few months after she was born.

Out of curiosity I checked the biographies of other screen stars from the 20th Century and found the following:

Sophia Loren – parents never married

Audrey Hepburn – Parents divorced around Age 6

Lauren Bacall – Parents divorced Age 5

Jean Harlow – Parents divorced Age 11

Lana Turner – Parents divorce around Age 9

Marilyn Monroe – Parents divorced Age 1-2

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